Sunday, January 10, 2010


Thank you, nurse for the editing...

Jilly Bean is here!!

Five mouths to feed??

Great Grandparents with Jilly and Sadie.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halloween Fun!

I was showing Maren pictures of all her cousins in their Halloween costumes, and she wanted to know why there weren't any of her on the computer! Go figure!

Maren and Jens loved Halloween. Jens figured it out in a hurry and they both came home with lots and lots of candy!

I roped Kyle into carving pumpkins and we had a blast. Maren loved pulling out the seeds, which was a good thing, cause her daddy doesn't!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February Fun

Jens' haircut (after and before)

Kyle decided Jens needed a haircut. He gave Jens the same haircut as he has. Now he really looks like a mini Kyle.

Valentine's Weekend

We had a memory filled Valentines weekend. Don, Lucy and Trevor ("Treasure" according to Maren) came to visit. Not many people find themselves in Moses Lake, so it was an exciting event for us. Kyle had to pretend to celebrate Valentine's Day because they were here, so that was nice for me. We did some geo-caching, went bowling and watched some real Valentine day type movies--for more information on the movies see Don and Lucy's blog.

Camp Zarahemla

Last weekend we rented some camps at Camp Zarahemla and went sledding. It was a lot of fun even though it was icy and the bathrooms were a nice jaunt from the cabins. We went up with my sister and her family and my parents came up for one day. The kids loved being outside and G-man, well its a miracle we didn't end up in the ER. He had a few tussles with some trees.

Heather and Bryan's

The first weekend in February we went to visit Heather, Bryan and the kids. It was a busy weekend, but it's always good to see them. Max showed us all how to stack cups. I never realized that it was a real sport. Max and Kyle stacked the cups almost all the way to the ceiling, it was pretty impressive. Maren just loved playing with her cousins.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Holiday Fun

We've had a fun holiday season, visiting and playing hard! So much happened that I think I will just let the pictures tell the story.

Look at all that snow. It has been lots of fun. Maren has turned into quite the sledder. Jens is not so fond of the sled, but he does like the four-wheeler.

All the Bairs in their Mara shirts. We missed her sweet spirit this Christmas season.

Lexi and Maren heading to Grandma and Grandpas' hot tub. Thanks to Lexi for providing Maren with a swimsuit.

Kyle was trying out Maren's Christmas present from Jarett. Thanks Jarett, we missed you guys!

The kids went crazy in Grandma and Grandpas' popcorn tin, especially Jens!

Everybody in their Christmas gear.

On New Years day we went bowling, Grandma and Grandpa were on baby watch.

Natalie turned 5, and we celebrated with a pinata!

Maren got to go ice skating for the first time. She did pretty good for her first time. Natalie was a champ on the ice.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cold Weather

Well we are going green!! No, actually we are tight wods. We found out that the house we bought in Moses Lake had like 2 inches of insulation in the attic. Not sufficient for Necia's specs. So I said, "You fix it." Not to pass up any challenge Necia did the entire project in about 3 hours (not to mention about 2 hours of clean-up. Accidentally dropping the insulation blower hose out of the attic and into the bedroom is not a good idea). Well the truth is I simply don't fit into the attic; I'm too fat. There is about 2 ft of clearance in the middle but the middle is inacessible because of how the rafters are arranged in the attic. We all got pretty dirty and a huge thanks to Necia's Dad for his hints and advice.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cutting Teeth

Jens has finally decided that now is a good time to start growing teeth. Oh joy! We debated weather or not to dope him up before church on Sunday to help with his violent mood swings.

This week I have been taking the appropriate grieving steps following BYU's loss to Yewtah. Ben has been helpful in providing comic relief. I found this one to be very hilarious.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Talking with Max

The following conversation ensued while Max, Natalie, Maren and I were geocaching this weekend:

Max: Hey Kyle, I think I understand your job better than anyone else's.

Kyle: Oh, yeah, how so?

Max: Well, Grandpa, I mean, what kind of job is that?

Kyle: LOL

Max: And my Dad, I've never seen him work.